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We offer catering for parties and events!

There's nothing like a barbecue in Houston, TX and we want to bring the most delicious food to every party or event. Call today for exceptional catering service.

Barbecue Catering Company

Houston Barbecue Company’s full service catering brings authentic Central Texas-style smoked barbecue at its finest to your event! Our Full service events include service staff, buffet management, serving dishes and utensils to keep your food at the perfect temperature, and all plates, utensils, napkins, cups and toothpicks. All you need to bring is your appetite!

Houston Barbecue Company catering strives to bring our clients the highest level of customer service by bringing Southern Hospitality to life. We provide a family-friendly, attentive staff and we work directly with you to be sure your menu has all the great-tasting Barbecue you want with all the fixin’s.

When hosting a large event or party in Texas, it is tradition to provide delicious high-quality barbecue that all your guests will love, and that’s just what Houston Barbecue Company gives you. From moist brisket to fall off the bone ribs we make sure your guests leave full and satisfied. Please contact us to learn more about our catering company.

Standard catering service includes:

Consultation & Menu Development
Serving Dishes to keep your food at the perfect Temperature
Disposable Dining Plates, Utensils, Napkins, and Toothpicks.
Buffet Tables and Picnic Décor 
1-2 Hours of Buffet service staff & Management
Buffet Set-up & Clean-up

At Houston Barbecue Company we don’t sacrifice on quality, and when it comes to providing food to your guests you shouldn’t either. We use only the highest quality ingredients, top-notch certified meats, and everything is smoked on-site at our restaurant every day. When you have Houston Barbecue Company cater your next event, you will taste the high quality difference of true Central Texas-style dining and your guests will too.

Catering vs Cooking Yourself

It can often be difficult to decide what to cook for your next big event. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult. One option is to hire a catering company. There are many advantages that come from choosing this option. This includes problem free food preparation, platter diversity, and professional assistance. It can often be very stressful if you are cooking for a large group of people. Hiring a catering company will help to take this stress away. Hiring a catering company can also save you time and money. Fortunately, the Houston Barbecue Company provides professional catering services. 

Need corporate catering service?

When your business is looking for great tasting food with high-quality service, treat them with Houston Barbecue Company Corporate Catering. We work with your budget to make sure you have plenty of high-quality food for everyone with the variety you need to satisfy a hungry crowd.

We provide an authentic Texas Barbecue experience your business will love. We always make sure there is plenty of food to go around and we want your guests to be blown away with the true taste of Central-Texas smoked Barbecue.

Call today and book your corporate catering event with us! (832) 271-3067

About our Catering Service

Houston Barbecue Company offers the city of Houston on-site authentic full-service Central Texas-style Barbecue catering for special events, corporate events, parties, weddings, graduations, and large social gatherings. We are the true Barbecue experts!

When planning your next gathering to wow your guests, serving the right food is essential. What better way to please a large group of hungry guests in Texas than to provide delicious, down-home, mouth-watering, Central-Texas style Barbecue?? Houston Barbecue Company works with you to provide the best experience for your guests. We handle all of your catering needs from planning the menu, setting up the buffet, serving the food, and cleaning up afterwards.

Give us a call and let’s work together to plan your next event! (832) 271-3067

Our Menu
Add a Drink to either Catering or Delivery Menu …
Just add $1 Per Person

Assorted Can Sodas $1 each
Bottled Water $1 each

Tea Sweet or Unsweet 
$8 by the gallon (serves 8-10)
Unsweet Tea includes lemons & Sweetener

Desserts available for Delivery & Catering

On-Site Event Catering
We offer full-service catering for corporate events, special events, parties, weddings, graduations, and large social gatherings.

Our standard full service includes:

Consultation & Menu development, serving dishes to keep your food at temperature

Buffet Style table set up with picnic décor

Staff to serve, manage & clean up our set up.

We provide an authentic Texas Barbecue experience your guest will love.

Price per person is $11.75

Catering Plate per person includes:
Sausage, Brisket, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, bbq sauce, pickles, onion, Jalapenos, sliced bread, disposable plate, fork, spoon, knife, napkin, salt & pepper

Oak Pit Smoked Barbecue Meats
Brisket (Certified Angus Beef) * Sausage * Pork Ribs (St.Louis Style) * Turkey Breast * Boston Pork Butt * Smoked Chicken

Homemade Side Dishes
Potato Salad * Cole Slaw * Smoked Baked Beans * Green Beans * Fire Roasted Corn Dirty Rice * Macaroni & Cheese
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